A journey to wholeness

You are luminous and whole in the deepest self and soul.

You have stepped off the traditional path in some way or are ready to because it is not working for you anymore.

You may have left a career or desperately want to because it is not fulfilling you.

You are open to not just what is next, but to reconnecting to who you are in your essence and what is deep in your soul because you know that is where your joy is.

Along the traditional way, you lost a little of yourself, your light and your joy. Maybe even part of your soul. You want meaning, connection, and purpose at a deeper soul and self level.

You are ready to consciously take that first step onto this new path because you know that is where your juice and joy are. This journey is a healing path, your soul’s path, a path to wholeness.

You will unlearn many things on this journey. You will step from the known to the unknown. And that can feel like a whole lot of uncertainty after a life of joyless certainty.

This was my personal experience. I know how easy it is to get lost, discouraged, and confused along this new path. The joy is there, but also the uncertainty.

I found my way through with wisdom practices, cacao medicine, spirit animals and allies, and deep inner work. And I rely on them every day. A friend shared with me, “You have a richer inner life than most of us.” Everyone can have that inner richness.

I have lived and still live this. I model this. I embody this. I teach the way through.

As a coach, mentor and transformation guide, I teach you how to access your inner wisdom by deeply listening and asking, connect with your spirit guides and heal with cacao medicine and drum journeys, and build practices that will sustain you and keep you whole.

I guide you in navigating the bumps, twists and free falls, so you feel grounded and deeply connected, clear and aligned, abundant and open to the wonder of life. You will learn to trust yourself and life again. You will feel joy again.

This is deep soul work because that is where your joy lives. If you want more deep, soulful joy in your life, let’s have a conversation about how this work can transform your life.


Nicole Gnutzman, MA, ACC | Cacao Medicine, Reiki II & Shamanic Practitioner and Whole Person Coach